Miami International Conference for the Simulation of the United Nations



MICSUN V seeks to create an environment for high school students that encourages delegates to embrace their role as members of the global community and emphasizes a commitment to peace and security. By providing a simulated committee experience of the United Nations, complete with dynamic, crisis based committees, the University of Miami's Model United Nations Team will provide a medium through which delegates can cultivate personal growth and develop new skills in the areas of writing, critical thinking, public speaking, research, persuasion, and leadership.
Finally, MICSUN aims to emphasize the importance of consensus building among delegates. By accentuating the rapidly changing and diverse world in which we live today and allowing delegates to represent an assortment of nationalities and interests, our objective is to foster global citizenship and to provide an opportunity for positive change in the world.

  • Raise awareness about international issues and problems the world is tackling today,

  • Educate students about international organizations, specifically the United Nations and its specialized agencies,

  • Develop students' critical thinking and analytical skills, which are necessary in all aspects of life and continued education,

  • Foster a learning process for all delegates involved.