Divided Nations

The people have grown tired. Tired of fear, tired of inaction, tired of the United Nations. 


For years we have been led to believe that this useless coalition of countries could provide some sort of "resolution" to the problems facing the world. For decades, we have put our trust in an organization that can barely handle parking tickets, let along the world's problems! 


But through the disasters of the United Nations, one clear realization has come to light: there is hope. And that hope rests in the powers of those individuals willing to save our world. Through the strength of their individual resources and collaboration with one another, perhaps, with a little luck, our world can feel rested again. Will good Trump evil? Will delegates Putin enough effort? 


Welcome to Ad-Hoc.

Letter from your Chair: 

Welcome Delegates, 

I am an Industrial Engineering major, currently in my fourth year here at the University of Miami. I grew up in a military family, so you could say I’m from all over (or you could say I hail from a faraway land across the Pacific Ocean, because that just sounds way better). I love to play soccer and snowboard too! In my travels I have come across many heroes: the waiter that gave me that extra refill, the professor that moved an exam date, and the group project member who did all the work. It is heroes like these that save the world every single day, and now it is our chance! This will be my fourth time chairing a committee at MICSUN, and I am really looking forward to having a fantastic group of delegates!


Shane Kemeny 

Chair, Crisis