Topic A:Transnational Organized Crime - The Dark Side of Globalization

To an extent, the world system has become a victim of its own success: globalization of the international market has in turn globalized the illicit economy, prosperity caused by globalization facilitates the demand for services provided by traffickers, and improved justice systems have, rather ironically, spurred criminal networks to become increasingly sophisticated. Today’s transnational organized crime has emerged as one of the perplexing security threats of the new world order. Our committee will be tasked with answering core dilemmas to the international community in redefining international criminal law and practices in relation to transnational organized crime.  Human security or national security?  International of Supranational institutions?  Multilateral or unilateral?  How far can the International Criminal Court go?

Topic B: The Question of Global Terrorism

The question of transnational terrorism is a complex issue that has thus far been impossible to combat multilaterally.  Several key issues block any official United Nations action: first, a failure to come to a clear consensus on the definition of terrorism.  A second core issue in United Nations’ counter terrorism efforts is the failure to consider long term human rights consequences. Third, the United Nations has largely failed to take multilateral action in regard to counterterrorism efforts due to the hegemonic nature of today’s world system, and efforts are contingent on support from the United States.  Fourth, debates over the root causes of terrorism exacerbate the idea that their is a single cause to all global terrorism. It will be our mission as a committee to come to a clear conclusion on the best course of action to combat global terrorism.  It is my hope that delegates will come to officially define terrorism, decide whether or not human rights should be considered, clarify root causes of terrorism, and determine whether multilateral or unilateral action is advisable.

Letter from the Chair

My name is Kinnon McGrath, and as your Chair, I would like to personally welcome you to the The Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL). Before I begin with the details of this committee, I would like to introduce myself. I am a current Sophomore, and this will be my second year on the University of Miami Model United Nations team, and my sixth year as a Model United Nations participant.  I am an International Studies and Spanish major, and I have minors in Arabic Studies, French, and Political Science.  I am from freezing cold Maine, and I am thrilled to be here in sunny Miami! Outside of Model UN, I am a member of Student Government, Greek Life, and University of Miami Political Organizations.


Both topics we will discuss in committee are highly complex, in fact, even textbooks cannot fully describe their details, thus we will be unable to touch on every facet of either topic.  That being said, I encourage all delegates to try to delve deeper than what I will be discussing in the following background guide, in order to bring a new and exciting level of debate into committee.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!


Kinnon McGrath