BattleTech 3053

Committee Topic

BatteTech 3053 takes place in a dirty future characterized by two distinct elements: Feudal scheming, and giant robots. The actors bear resemblance to historical actors ranging from Prussia to Imperial Japan, if their cultures were turned up to eleven, transplanted into interstellar confederations, and armed with particle cannons and armored war machines instead of rifles or cavalry. Delegates will play the leaders of great feudal houses, the heads of independent coalitions, mercenary commanders, and more. Each delegate will have unique portfolios under their command - differing technological bases, cultural prerogatives, and combat experience. All will be vying for power, territory, and influence. But a veritable sword of Damocles hangs over the committee:  the threat of invasion from a vastly technologically superior foe. The delegates must find ways to work together to defeat or subvert an enemy just as diverse as they are - else, they will be swept away.

Letter from the 

Crisis Director

Welcome to the Inner Sphere! My name is Daniel Nepomechie, and I will be serving as your Crisis Director for BattleTech 3053. I'm a native Miamian studying Computer Science and Political Science in my junior year here at the University of Miami. I have many interests - software engineering, foreign affairs, cybersecurity, and defense policy. I enjoy reading Science Fiction, delving into concept art portfolios, and playing video games in my spare time. The last is where I first discovered BattleTech. 


I loved flight simulators as a kid, and wanted to find more games that made use of the battered logitech joystick my family owned. I bought an old copy of Mechwarrior 4, and was instantly hooked on the franchise. Commanding a unit of bespoke, lumbering war machines and becoming an altogether different kind of ace pilot captured my imagination. I spent dozens of hours reading about different mechs and weapons, and learned about the huge mosaic of factions in the BattleTech universe, 80s anachronisms and all. I contributed to BattleTech and MechWarrior forums that have since passed, and more recently have played in multiplayer revival projects (and I'd venture to say I've made a name for myself as a pilot in certain corners of the community). I want to bring some of the magic of this universe to you - a unique feudal arena of wits and weapons. 


The Inner Sphere is wonderfully complex, filled with colorful leaders and wildly different political systems. I hope to see delegates embrace their roles as Inner Sphere mavericks - collaborating and leveraging their varied resources to to survive in the face of invasion, while also scheming to increase their influence in the Inner Sphere. Delegates will have diverse and powerful portfolios, and I can't wait to see you put these powers in to practice (and find ways to expand them). 


I will leave you with a Clan mantra: "Ambition is the fire of the will, the spur to the horse, and the arm wielding the flashing sword." Bear it in mind, and let it guide you come April. See you then!

Daniel Nepomechie

BattleTech 3053 Crisis Director