MICSUN seeks to encourage all high school student access to our conference. If your school does not have a Model UN team, or will not be attending MICSUN, you may also register for the conference as a single person delegation. Please contact our Secretary General, Joselyn Gonzalez, at for the single delegation registration form. All delegates using this registration method must make sure to have a parent or guardian with them during the entire duration of the conference.


While single delegations will not be charged a delegation fee, they will still be responsible for the delegate fee, $35 if registered on or before February 24th, 2017. Registration costs $40 after February 24th, and registration officially closes after April 1. Delegates registering as single delegations will not have the opportunity to earn a delegation award, but are still eligible to earn committee specific awards based on their performance during committee sessions. Further, all delegates will be expected to comply with MICSUN's conference policies and procedures.