HMS Viking: 1945

Committee Topic

Blood, Iron, and Glory are the founding principles of war. This committee aims to put the delegates in the claustrophobic and intense positions of the crew of the HMS Viking. Every decision made will have a consequence, either helping the fatherland or giving the Axis the advantages they need for a decisive victory. Every crew member operates a required part of this vessel for its survival and success along the missions it will be deployed on. 


This crew will be required to make split-second decisions that determine its survival, find solutions to the new convey methods that the Axis has begun using, and find ways to survive attacks from German U-Boats to Destroyers, the deadliest threats to their lives, patrolling the seas. Every second that passes under the waves, is another chance at being discovered by the enemies. The crews lived a life of uneasy peace while traveling. Any moment the sub could be under attack, any moment the Axis could strike.



Her Royal Majesty's royal navy has been a ruling force all throughout the seven seas. They have coordinated some of the most ambitious naval assaults on the Axis, as well as the protection of the most important waterway known to Britain, The English Channel. The axis has begun amassing a navy of U-Boats and Destroyers that have been deployed during the war, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, with everything in between. These vessels have been the bane of the Allies. Can this crew protect the Queen and regain control of the domain they have dominated over for the past millennia? Or will their efforts be for naught and the glory of Britain sunk, like the crew that was tasked with defending it?

Letter from the 

Crisis Director

Hello, Delegates my name is Redmond A. Willis. I am a Junior on the Model United Nations team here at the University of Miami who is studying Economics and Political Science with a minor in Business Law. I have always been engaged with M.U.N ranging from hosting committees and conferences to competing in them. This is my 3rd year hosting a committee and I hope the delegates will enjoy what I have to offer! While competing in Model United Nations, I always have the following mantra in mind: "Have Fun". Having fun is an important aspect for me because it is truly something that can be taken away from any committee. Plus let's be honest, if you are not having fun then what is the point? Outside of Model United Nations, I am someone who can be seen around campus wearing a Hawaii pattern shirt, who is a little too relaxed for the onslaught of deadlines I am constantly facing. My preferred choice of a meal has to be free, with a close second being pizza.  



I am absolutely enamored with history, but more specifically the political and legal environment of the past. It cultivates an understanding of how far we have traveled in our time as a society, but at the same time, it shows us warnings about the mistakes of today. This fascination is what fueled my creativity for "The HMS Viking". 



Best regards, 

Redmond A. Willis 

HMS Viking Crisis Director