The Eternal Order, or the Order as its members call it, is a secretive cabal that holds two main purposes. The first to gather influence and exert its control over world events through its members and operatives and the second is the search for eternal life. Its origins are not well known but it is an ancient order who claims to go back as far as Imperial Rome and Han China during what some scholars call the first age of globalization. Most major events throughout history from everything to coups, wars, and even some natural disasters have been influenced or orchestrated in some manner by the Order. Its current membership includes politicians, titans of industry, prominent religious figures, and leaders in the scientific community all of which are working together in pursuit of immortality. However this is far from a harmonious movement and throughout its history internal coups, assassinations, bribery and backroom deals have become commonplace. The world of the order is dangerous and ever changing its members must either adapt or be destroyed. 
    Members (delegates) must endeavor to accomplish three main goals which are firstly to win influence within the order itself but also to increase the influence of the Order in modern society and finally help it in its quest to achieve eternal life. This last goal is the most important as controlling the ability to become immortal will grant the Order a power unlike any other organization on the planet.This may come from many places legends, the occult, religious texts, or even modern science and as such the Order is heavily invest in all of these areas and great importance is given to those in charge of these projects, The other goals will be achieved through responding to global events and crises which the Order will attempt to manipulate to its benefits as well as recruitment of new members based on favors and coercion. All must eventually succumb to the orders will. The organization of the Order is complex and it functions as many independent cells and members throughout the world operating on the orders of a select body of high ranking members simply called the Directors. This body is headed up by a mysterious and highly influential individual known only as the Watcher.

Eternal Order