Under the leadership of Fujimori and his Cambio 90 party, Peru was able to turn its situation around. However, there were many obstacles between the Peru that we now know and the Peru that Fujimori was given. With violent insurgencies from the Shining Path, economic inflation, and a self-coup that jeopardized political cohesion, this committee has its responsibilities set out to lay the groundwork of modern Peru, as well as to create political, economic, and social stability. This committee will be tasked to interpret the wishes of the President and expand the influence of la República throughout all of South America. In a balance between traditional General Assembly debate and Crisis elements, it is up to President Fujimori to adopt this council’s proposals into legislation through el Congreso de la República for the greater good of the Peruvian nation in the new millennium. ¡Nos vemos en Abril, y buena suerte investigando los temas!

Fujimori's Cabinet