Position Papers

Position Paper Guidelines

You are required to write a position paper for Topic A and Topic B in your committee if they have two topics. If your committee has one topic you only need to write one position paper. Position papers are required for the following committees: CSTD, COPOUS, WHO, ECLAC, and PPA. Position Papers should be between 1-2 pages double spaced for each topic. No more, no less. They should be in Standard 12 size font, Times New Roman with 1 “ Margins.

The Position Paper can be broken down into 3 major components

1. Statement of the issue- what is the current situation?

2. What action has the UN taken, more specifically, what action has your country taken or how has it been affected by this issue?


3. Position: What possible resolutions will your country propose to solve the issue? What type of solution would your country be in favor of? (I.e. would your country allow peacekeeping troops or NGO’s authorized by the UN into the region of conflict or would your country rather protect national sovereignty?)


PPA is a historical committee and COPOUS is a futuristic committee. PPA position papers should be based on the countries’ historical action. Reasonable liberties can be taken with a country’s position in the COPOUS papers.

Your heading should be in the top left side of the paper and should include:






Sources: When researching, try to find the most current and up-to-date sources. You must cite sources when you are paraphrasing or using direct quotations from sources to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism will result in disqualification from awards. The formatting of these sources is not the main concern, it is the substance. However, please include your source whether it is a website or book by either naming the source in your sentence (ie. According to the World Fact Book....)  or place the website name (i.e. www.un.org) at the end of the sentence including the website/ book  in parenthesis. Give a full works cited page at the end of all the sources you used directly/indirectly. If you prefer footnotes or end notes you may use them and simply cite the source there.


Please send position papers to the respective committee email by April 10, 2018.