Greetings from MICSUN's Secretary General, 


I am excited to announce that registration for MICSUN 2021 is officially OPEN! 


We are delighted to be hosting our 9th conference, and to have you all for another amazing edition of Florida's largest Model United Nations conference for high school students! 


Below you will find all the fees and deadlines for MICSUN 2021. 

Please be aware of the updated refund policy and deadlines. 

Payment information will be sent out in an invoice within 72 hours of your registration. 


To register for the conference please fill out the form in the link above.


Dates and Costs for registration are as follows:

Early delegation fee: $15

Regular delegation fee: $20

Early delegate fee: $20

Regular delegate fee: $25

By March 25th, 2021, schools must confirm the number of delegates and the names of the delegates with their respective committees and country assignments through email to Richard Aurrecoechea at Full payment is due one month after receiving your invoice from the MICSUN staff. If you are unable to pay your invoice within one month, please contact the Secretary-General, Jaime Harn, once you receive your invoice, and we will gladly work with you to set up an appropriate payment schedule.  The payment of the invoice by the deadline is essential to guaranteeing your delegation’s place at the conference, seeing that we have limited committee space. If full payment is not received by April 14th, 2020, the school will not be allowed to compete. 


A school will be allowed to alter the number of delegates it will bring to the conference at no extra cost until April 1st, 2021. However, after this date, no changes will be permitted barring any extenuating circumstances*.

*Special Circumstances 


  1. Delegations will be offered credit for future MICSUNs after the deadline only in the presence of supporting documentation in case of disease or other extraneous circumstance. 

  2. Once payment is received, checks will be cashed after one week’s time. If within that week changes need to be made, notify us as soon as possible in order to have the check voided. 

  3. In the case of issues submitting payment due to outside obstacles, such as returned checks, School (Parent or Advisor) must immediately contact Jaime Harn at secgen@umicsun.orgso that arrangements can be made.




Unfortunately, delegation fees are non-refundable once checks are received and cashed. 

We are happy to provide credit to a future MICSUN for delegations who are not able to attend after completing their payment. 


The MICSUN 2021 Secretariat and staff would like to make this conference fun, educational and, most importantly, organized for all of our delegates, parents, and advisors, so thank you for your participation, understanding, and cooperation. 




MICSUN 2021 Secretary General Jaime Harn