Who would have thought that in 2019 the supreme leader of North Korea would be exchanging pleasantries with the president of the United States within the borders of North Korea…


While the Trump administration has made tremendous strides in opening positive communications with the Kim regime, the state of negotiations remain increasingly precarious. 


As the principal advisory committee to the president on all things involving national security and foreign policy, it is your mission to convince the president to take the course of action that will solve the issues at hand. Among these are denuclearization, human rights violations, and a plan of action in the event of the dissolution of the state of North Korea. All the while you will utilize your personal connections to work behind the scenes toward your goals.


as the pending nuclear threat of North Korea becomes more developed with every test, it is also important to consider the relations with allies immediately affected by the threat of nuclear attack, such as Japan and South Korea. Will North Korea succumb to western pressure and assimilate to a more democratic state or will the world succumb to a new age of nuclear war?

United States National Security Council